Wholesale Downstems & Adapters

YAREONE® wholesales glass downstems, silicone downstems and metal downstems in 14mm 18mm joint sizes, we produce different types of downstems – slitted downstem, honeycomb downstem, showerhead downstem, matrix downstem, tree perc downstem… Whatever style your client is looking for, we have all kinds of diffuser downstem wholesale for your smoke shop.

What is a Downstem?

Downstem is a smoking accessory that connects the herb bowl to the main chamber of your bong, it features a long tube with different shapes of slits at the tip, the smoke rush through the tube, diffuse in the water, then climb up to the bong tube into your lungs as you inhale.

Downstem Sizes

Joint Size of Downstem
There are three downstem sizes regarding joint, 10mm downstem, 14mm downstem, 18mm downstem, 14mm and 18mm downstems are the most common standard sizes, but 10mm ones are less common.

Length of Downstem
When we talk about the bong downstem sizes, we generally refer to the actual length of downstem, but how to measure downstem?

Tools: a pencil or pen, a ruler, your bong

Measuring range: The exact length of a downstem is measured from the bottom of the frosted joint to the tip of the stem.

Steps of Downstem Measurements
Step 1: Insert the pencil into the water chamber of your bong, but do not touch the base
Step 2: Mark the location of the bong’s joint on the pencil
Step 3: Take out the pencil, and measure the total length with your ruler
Step 4: Measure the frosted joint length of your bong from outside, the bong generally comes with a ground/ frosted joint, it will help you to find where to start measuring.
Step 5: The total length of the downstem minus the frosted joint length of your bong is the exact downstem size you are looking for.

Downstem Types

Bong downstem can be divided into fixed downstem and removable downstem due to their installation way during the manufacturing process.

  • Fixed Downstem: the downstem and your waterpipe are made in one piece, usually features a 90-degree angle, can not be removed for separate cleaning.
  • Removable Downstem: it’s also called replacement downstem, it can be removed from your bong for easy replacement and clean up.

With the rapid development of production technology, we can find bong downstems made out of different materials, and become more functional – glass downstem, metal downstem, silicone downstem, some replacement downstems are extendible, one downstem can fit all your water pipes by adjusting its length.

Different types of Removable Downstem

There are many different types of downstem diffusers in terms of their percolation and filtration.

  • Slitted Downstem – There are a series of slits(usually 6-slit) located at the tip of the downstem, it’s the most common and popular downstem.
  • Honeycomb Downstem – It features a flat end with multiple holes at the tip instead of the normal slits, it diffuses the smoke better in water, brings a tastier hit.
  • Showerhead Downstem – There is a showerhead alike disk with several slits at the tip of the downstem, built for amazing percolation and diffusion.
  • Tree Downstem – It features multiple arms extending from the halfway of the downstem, it usually has 4 arms or 6 arms, each arm has 2 or 3 slits, creates stacks of tiny bubbles as inhaling for optimal filtration, brings smoother hits, and better flavor, but should be more careful while cleaning since the arm tree downstem is more susceptible to break.
  • Matrix Downstem – It has a grid-like percolator, features intersecting horizontal and vertical slits on the percolator’s stem. Water and smoke pass through the numerous cross slits for maximum filtration, offering an extra kick to your hit.

How to Clean a Downstem?

Downstem should be cleaned often as it’s the second smoking accessory your herb goes through, it traps a lot of sticky resins, and most downstems come with percs, they get clogged easily.

Here are the steps of cleaning a bong downstem
Cleaning tools: 90% ISO alcohol, Coarse/Fine salts, Ziplock bag, Brush

Step 1: Put the dirty downstem into the ziplock bag.
Step 2: Add iso and salt into the bag, make sure the downstem is submerged by ISO, lock the bag and let it sit overnight.
Step 3: Take out the downstem, brush and rinse the stubborn resins left on the downstem.
Step 4: Your downstem is as good as new, and ready for a new smoke session.

Tips: You can reuse the ziplock bag full of alcohol a couple of times before it gets gross enough to toss in the trash.

Why Wholesale Downstems from YAREONE®?

We have been in the 420 industry since 2016, we are always the first to get the newest and most popular products as a smoking accessories manufacturer.

We produce and wholesale downstems and other smoking paraphernalia to distributors, smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, recreational marijuana stores in LOW MOQ, custom downstems for 420 brands worldwide.

All of our products are of brand quality with low-price guarantees, we provide fast shipping and professional service.

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