Wholesale Bong Bowls

YAREONE® produces and wholesales bong bowls & slides with a wide selection of glass bong bowls, silicone bong bowls, and metal bong bowls, we also offer custom bong bowls for smoking in various styles and colors at the best factory price.

What is a Bong Bowl?

A bong bowl is also called a slide, the bong bowl replacement is a must-have smoking accessory for a water pipe setup, your bong is unable to function properly without a bowl. The bong bowl is removable, it connects your bong via the downstem of your bong, designed to hold your ground dry herbs for combustion.

Bong Bowl Replacement Types

There are 14mm herb bowls and 18mm herb bowls, built with male or female joint sizes, some come with a handle while the rest do not.

Bong Bowl Sizes
14mm bowl
18mm bowl

Joint Gender
14mm female bowl
14mm male bowl
18mm female bowl
18mm male bowl

Glass bowl piece
Silicone bowl piece
Metal bowl piece

Air Hole Type
Single-hole bong bowl
Bong bowl with built-in screen
Honeycomb bong bowl

Bong bowl with handle
Bong bowl without handle

How to Clean Bong Bowl?

Cleaning materials: 90% ISO alcohol, Coarse/Fine salts, Ziplock bag, Small brush

Step 1: Put the dirty glass bowl into the ziplock bag.
Step 2: Add iso and salt into the bag, make sure the glass bowl is submerged by ISO, lock the bag and let it sit overnight.
Step 3: Take out the glass bowl, brush and rinse the stubborn resins left on the bowl piece.
Step 4: Your herb bowl is as good as new, and ready for another load up.

Tips: You can reuse the ziplock bag full of alcohol a couple of times before it gets gross enough to toss in the trash.

Why Wholesale Bong Bowls from YAREONE®?

We have been in the 420 industry since 2016, we are always the first to get the newest and most popular products as a smoking accessories manufacturer.

We produce and wholesale bong bowls and other smoking paraphernalia to distributors, smoke shops, headshops, dispensaries, recreational marijuana stores in LOW MOQ, and custom bong bowls for 420 brands worldwide.

All of our products are of brand quality with low-price guarantees, we provide fast shipping and professional service.

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