Wholesale Ash Catchers

We’re a professional ash catcher supplier manufacturer in China, wholesale glass ash catchers, and silicone ash catchers in 14mm 18mm joint sizes, 45 degree ash catcher, 90 degree ash catcher joint angles, we have a wide selection of ash catcher types – non-diffusing ash catcher, showerhead ash catcher, tree ash catcher, honeycomb ash catcher, matrix ash catcher, whatever style your client is looking for, we have all kinds of bong ash catcher wholesale for your smoke shop.

What is an Ash Catcher?

Ash catcher belongs to a kind of bong accessory, it’s a double-jointed chamber of glass that you can easily attach to your water pipes, the other joint is to secure your bowl piece. It acts as an extra filter to your water pipe. Ashcatcher, as its name implies, it catches the ash that is coming from your herb bowl, reducing the amount of tar that enters the main chamber of your water pipe, providing additional diffusion for a smoother hit and better tasting rips, as well as keeping your glass cleaner, ultimately reducing the amount of time you spent on cleaning.

99% ash catchers are built with its own percolator or diffusion (except dry ash catchers), available in different shapes, sizes, and colors.

What Does an Ash Catcher Do?

For those of you who are new to Ash Catcher, they would ask “Why use an ash catcher?” and get the same response “The ash catcher helps to keep your bong clean” No one enjoys smoking out of a dirty ugly piece. Except for the top one function of using an ash catcher, there are many more other works an ash catcher can do.

– Catches ash, keeps your bong cleaner for longer
– Prevent breeding bacteria and discoloring water in your bong
– Precools your smoke, provides a smoother hit
– Adds additional percolation to your bong, delivers a purer and tastier puff
– Saves your time on cleaning and maintaining your bong
– Easy to clean an ash catcher over a bong
– Make your bong look more awesome

How To Choose The Right Ash Catcher

Since we have learned so many benefits of using an ash catcher, the next question you would probably ask is ”What size ash catcher do I need?” That’s just the point, ash catcher comes in different sizes, angles, genders, percs, and materials- 10mm, 14mm, or 18mm joint size, 45º or 90º joint angle, male or female gender, glass ash catcher or silicone ash catcher. That means when choosing an ash catcher for your setup, it’s important to know the following information to make sure you get the correct ash catcher to match with your bong piece.

– Joint Size/ Diameter: 10mm, 14mm, 18mm
– Joint Angle: 45 degrees, 90 degrees
– Joint Gender: male, female
– Weight: Big ash catcher fits tall setup only, small ash catcher works well with both short and tall setups, otherwise the ash catcher would weigh down your bong and break all the glass pieces.

Ash Catcher Types

Dry Ash Catchers VS Dry Ash Catchers

There are two types of ash catchers distinguished by their working system, Dry Ash Catchers and Water Ash Catchers.

  • The Dry Ash Catchers, known as Non-Diffusing Ash Catcher, it’s designed to filter ash without adding extra functionalityto your setup, the smoke never passes through the water. So if your bong hits great already, but you don’t want to clean it that often, a Dry Ash Catcher is the perfect solution. But don’t let the name fool you, you can also put water in the Dry Ash Catcher to drag debris and tars.
  • Water ash catchers areknown as diffused ash catchers, it contains percolators for smoke to rush through. You may have noticed that there are different types of percolator in the chamber of glass ash catchers, they are built to enhance your smoking experience by adding another layer of water filtration.

Different Percs of Ash Catchers

Showerhead Ash Catcher
Features a shower head shape percolator, it diffuses the smoke by dividing the vapor vertically through the slitted holes.

There are single showerhead perc ash catchers and double showerhead perc ash catchers available in our wholesaling catalog.

What is the showerhead ash catcher water level?
Fill it with water slightly above the perc, half an inch or just 1cm above the slits, until all the slits are underwater for full function.

Tree Ash Catcher
Features a tree arm percolator, each arm with 3 cuts for vapor diffusion, the smoke comes its way along with the herb bowl, rush through the tree arm percolator and been diffused into a massive amount of bubbles, then enter the chamber of your bong.

3 arm tree perc ash catcher, 8 arm tree ash catcher, and 11 arm ash catcher are the most common seen tree ash catchers in the market, more arms require bigger lung capacity.

How much water in tree ash catcher?
Fill it with water slightly above the perc, like half an inch above the slits, until all the slits are underwater for full function.

Honeycomb Ash Catcher
Feature a honeycomb percolator, there are many holes in the disc screen, smoke goes through the honeycomb screen enters the chamber of your bong along the joint.

There are single-layer honeycomb ash catchers, double honeycomb ash catchers, and triple honeycomb ash catchers, they usually come in big sizes compared to other ordinary ash catchers.

How much water to put in a honeycomb ash catcher?
Add water in the chamber and make sure the honeycomb perc is covered, and the water level exceeds the perc approx. 1/2 inches or 1cm high.

Matrix Ash Catcher
Matrix ash catcher has a grid-like shape percolator, is also called grid ash catcher, features intersecting horizontal and vertical slits on the percolator’s stem. Water and smoke pass through the numerous cross slits for maximum filtration.

How much water to put in a grid ash catcher?
Fill water slightly above the perc, like half an inch above the slits, make sure all the slits are underwater for full diffusion.

Incline Ash Catcher
Features a horizontally aligned inline percolator, there are several slits on the perc’s stem for excellent filtration, providing smoother hits from every smoke sesh.

How much water to put in an incline ash catcher?
Add water in the chamber and make sure the incline perc is submerged and the water level exceeds the perc slightly.

Bubbler Bowl Ash Catcher
Features a bubbler functional ash catcher, there is a built-in bowl you can smoke out of directly on top of the ash catcher, it can be an ash catcher and can be used as a bubbler, very convenient to use and has an affordable price.

How much water to fill a bubbler bowl ash catcher?
Submerge all the slits and holes, and excess the slits slightly above about half an inch.

Does Ash Catcher Worth it?
With all the benefits of using an ash catcher we talked about above, it is really worth buying, cause none of us like smoke out of a dirty piece and spend lots of time cleaning the bong.

Why Wholesale Ash Catchers from YAREONE®?

We have been in the 420 industry since 2016, we are always the first to get the newest and most popular products as a smoking accessories manufacturer.
We produce and wholesale ash catchers and other smoking paraphernalia to distributors, smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, recreational marijuana stores in LOW MOQ, provide ash catcher design and custom ash catchers for 420 brands worldwide.

All of our products are of brand quality with low-price guarantees, we provide fast shipping and professional service.

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