Pipe Screens Wholesale

YAREONE® is a tobacco accessories wholesaler and manufacturer, we wholesale different styles of pipe screens, metal pipe screens, and silicone pipe glass bowl replacements. There are several styles of universal glass bowls for silicone pipes – cone shape glass bowl insert, 9-hole replacement glass bowl, honeycomb threaded glass bowl replacement, and honeycomb glass screen filter disc. No matter what brand pipes and bowls your customers are looking for, Eyce, Ooze, Waxmaid, PieceMaker, Siliclab, or other non-brand ones, we have the perfect replacement glass bowl for them.

The pipe screen is small but it’s an essential smoking accessory in great demand due to it should be replaced very frequently. Since silicone smoking pipes and silicone bowls are getting more and more popular, the demand for glass bowls for silicone pipes is increasing dramatically. And as we know, all 420 products are not allowed to be sold on Amazon and most other e-commerce platforms, customers cannot purchase online easily with free shipping, and no one wants to pay for $6 or more shipping fee for a small pipe screen from an online smoke shop, so there is a bigger sale chance for our local smoke shops.

Why Wholesale Pipe Screens from YAREONE®?

We have been in the 420 industry since 2015, we are always the first to get the newest and most popular products as a smoking accessories manufacturer.

We produce and wholesale pipe screens and other smoking paraphernalia to distributors, smoke shops, head shops, dispensaries, recreational marijuana stores in LOW MOQ, and custom glass bowls for silicone pipes for 420 brands worldwide.

All of our products are of brand quality with low-price guarantees, we provide fast shipping and professional service.

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