Showerhead Downstem 18mm 14mm Wholesale

We produce and wholesale showerhead downstem 18mm 14mm in assorted lengths and colors to accommodate a wide variety of water pipess, send us an inquiry if you’re interested in ordering at a factory price.

Wholesale MOQ: 10 pcs of each size
MOQ of custom bong downstem: 100 pcs of each length

πŸ“¦ Low MOQ
πŸ‘ Factory Price
πŸ’Ž Brand Quality
✈ Fast Shipping

YAREONE showerhead downstem is made with quality borosilicate glass, features a ground 18.8mm male to 14.5mm female joint, inner joint fits any 14mm male accessories
The showerhead diffuser downstem comes with showerhead perc at the end, it diffuses small vigorous bubbles through multiple slitted holes, brings an extra clean and cool hit for a smooth smoke.

How to Measure the Size of Bong Downstem?
Step 1: Insert the pencil into the water chamber of your bong, but do not touch the base
Step 2: Mark the location of the bong’s joint on the pencil
Step 3: Take out the pencil, and measure the total length with your ruler
Step 4: Measure the frosted joint length of your bong from the outside, the bong generally comes with a ground/ frosted joint, it will help you to find where to start measuring.
Step 5: The total length of the downstem minus the frosted joint length of your bong is the exact downstem size you are looking for.


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