Wholesale Puffco Proxy Glass Bubbler

We’re the first glass manufacturer to custom glass attachments for Puffco Proxy in China since the beginning of July.

YAREONE® Wholesale is a China-based professional borosilicate glassware manufacturer, that intends to be a one-stop shop for all your smoking products distribution, dispensaries, smoke shop, or head shop needs. We are specializing in OEM & ODM smoking products for many years, our products are well sold and adored by customers from America, Canada, Europe, Australia, and many other countries and regions all over the world.

No matter what kind of glass smoking products you are looking for or want to design, we have the best solution for you.

Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in purchasing the Puffco Proxy attachments at a good price.

Wholesale MOQ: 20 pcs
Custom MOQ: 100 pcs

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  • Original glass smoking products manufacturer, we custom and wholesale Puffco Proxy bubblers, pipes, adapters, bongs, and other glass accessories…
  • There are 6 slits on the built-in stem of the glass bubbler for better water filtration, which provides a smoother and cooler hit, it’s an upgrade on the original Proxy Bub.
  • 2mm thick wall thickness, durable for heavy use, not broken by accidental knock-off, and the inner diameter is approx. 38mm, perfectly designed to fit the proxy device.
  • Made from premium borosilicate clear glass, high-temperature resistance, healthy than the original painting glass.
  • There are assorted colors available for your custom- Clear, Blue, Green, Amber, and Teal.

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Customizable colors for Proxy bubbler attachment
custom colored proxy bubbler

Puffco Proxy Glass Bubbler Golden Yellowgreen puffco proxy bub blue thick colored puffco proxy bubbler replacement blue green


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