Vortex Terp Slurper

Our vortex terp slurper is made with premium quartz by a leading China quartz banger factory and has an impressive function with terp pill, quartz pillar, and beads. We can also customize your brand logo on the vortex slurper.
If you’re interested in wholesaling it at a fair factory price, send us an inquiry.

Offer custom logo/style service
Wholesale MOQ: 10pc vortex terp slurpers
Place of Origin: China
Global Shipping: ePacket, 4PX, DHL, UPS, FedEx
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, DHgate Store Checkout
Production Lead Time: 5-15 days, depending on your order quantities

Product Features

  • This vortex terp slurper measures 20mm in outer diameter, most carb caps and marbles work well with it.
  • Made with premium quartz by the leading factory, our vortex slurpers are highly durable and built to last.
  • A full-weld neck is more durable than half-welded ones, the beveled edge is built for good sealing, and the ground joint adds security when sitting the nail on your rig.
  • There are 10mm 14mm 18mm male female joints in 45 degrees 90 degrees for your selection, fit most of your rigs.
  • Every vortex terp slurper is functional-checked by our quality control department to ensure they come to our customers in perfect condition.  

Vortex slurper's size10mm 90 vortext slurper banger YAREONE 14mm 90 vortext slurper banger YAREONE 10mm 45 vortext slurper banger YAREONE 14mm 45 vortext slurper banger YAREONE

Full weld
Beveled edge
3 Directional slits
Top Bucket: 20mm OD, 2.5mm thickness
Bottom bowl OD: 30mm
Total height: 70mm
All-in-one frosted joint

How to Order Vortex Terp Slurpers from YAREONE®?
1. Message us the quantity and your shipping info. on WhatsApp
2. Discussing order details
3. Receiving quotation in PI
4. Factory makes samples (for customized products only)
5. Placing an order
6. Waiting for production
7. Getting tracking numbers and waiting for delivery
8. Grow your business
9. Enjoying satisfying after-sale service

Experience a seamless ordering process with YAREONE® Wholesale and grow your business now!

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