Terp Slurper Quartz Banger Full Weld

We produce wholesale and custom 10mm 14mm terp slurper quartz banger nails in different styles and sizes.
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Wholesale MOQ: 5 pcs
OEM & ODM: Support

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The terp slurper banger is made of high-quality quartz for long life, it has totally leveled up the dabbing experience by featuring a beveled top, full weld neck, double-decker design, and a slitted hurricane disk base. The double-decker banger design allows for the smoothest low-temperature dab as well as supports even the largest amount of concentrate. The airflow slits on the bottom bowl swirl the vapor into the main part precisely and bring smooth pure flavor as the beads lift and spin, it’s also able to retain most of the concentrate and get nothing wasted.
The banger’s bevel top measures 20mm wide and the channel bottom bowl is 25mm wide. Pairing this turp slurper with a marble set/ dab screw set can get you the maximum airflow control, vaporization & full flavor from your dab sessions.
The 90-degree bent neck design makes it easy to inhale without getting too close to the heat.

Real quartz
Bevel edge top
Fully weld
Frosted joint
90 degrees neck
Double-decker, wide dish design
Top bowl diameter: 20mm
Bottom disk diameter: 30mm
10mm 14mm male


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