Seamless Terp Slurper Blender Quartz Banger

This terp slurper blender banger also known as samurai guardian banger, it has a bevelled top, seamless welding connection & an 8-slit blender bottom for low temperature dab and maximizing the amount of concentrate.

We produce wholesale and custom terp terp slurper blender in 10mm or 14mm male joint.
Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in ordering at a factory price.

Wholesale MOQ: 5 pcs
OEM & ODM: Support

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  • This blender style terp slurper functions like an enhanced terp slurper, made of quality quartz for durable use, it has a beveled flat top measures 20mm wide, there are 8 airflow slits on the bottom hurricane disk, air channels that will move the air and spin inside the banger chamber, the concentrate will be vaporized completely, slurp upwards the banger chamber and get into your rig on your every inhale.
  • The bucket and the neck of the blender terp slurper hybrid banger are all fully fused together so there is no weak points, it greatly improves airflow and durability.
  • The frosted joint is another bonus to this blender style terp slurper, it holds the banger on your rig in a secure position and avoids any movement that may knock over your dab tools.

Style: Samurai guardian banger
100% real quartz
Bevel edge flat top
Fully welded
Frosted joint
90 degrees neck
8 air slits
Wide dish
Top bowl outer diameter: 20mm
Middle inside hole diameter: 10mm
Bottom blender dish 40mm
10mm 14mm male


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