Non Diffusing Dry Ash Catcher

We produce wholesale and custom dry ash catchers in 14mm or 18mm joint sizes to accommodate a wide variety of water pipess, available in assorted colors, send us an inquiry if you’re interested in ordering at a factory price.

Wholesale MOQ: 10 pcs
Custom MOQ: 200 pcs

📦 Low MOQ
👍 Factory Price
💎 Brand Quality
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This non-diffusing dry ash catcher has no stem or perc inside the chamber, you can just place it in your smoke piece and smoke directly without adding too much weight to weigh down your bong, you can also add put a small amount of water in it to prevent your bong water from becoming dirty too fast, it’s a simple way to keep your bong cleaner for longer as well as add less drag to your bong hit.
The dry ash catcher is easy to clean, simply dump out the smoke water and rinse with water or soak with 75% iso over night.

The dry ash catcher 45 degree is available in both 14mm and 18mm male joint sizes, assorted colors.

Borosilicate glass
Non-diffusing ash catcher
Joint size: 14mm 18mm
Assorted colors


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