Mushroom Dab Rig Wholesale

Offer custom logo/style service
Wholesale MOQ: 50pc mushroom dab rigs
Custom MOQ: 100pc/color
Place of Origin: China
Global Shipping
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Production Lead Time: 10-20 days, depending on your order quantities

How to do Mushroom Dab Rigs Wholesale from YAREONE®?

  1. Message us the quantity and your shipping info. on WhatsApp or via below “Get a Free Quote” button
  2. Discussing order details
  3. Receiving quotation in PI
  4. Factory makes samples (for customized products only)
  5. Placing an order
  6. Waiting for production
  7. Getting tracking numbers and waiting for delivery
  8. Grow your business
  9. Enjoying satisfying after-sale service and previewing our latest products as a VIP client.
  • Crafted with premium 5mm thick borosilicate glass tubes, our Mushroom Dab Rigs perform well to high temperatures, ensuring its longevity and enduring quality.
  • Our mushroom cluster dab rigs feature a distinctive drop-down style joint connection and a bountiful cluster of freshly sprouted mushrooms flourishing from within its finely perforated percolator.
  • What sets this wax rig line apart is the harmonious coordination of the mushroom hues, which seamlessly align with the vibrant bands of color that span from the top to the bottom of this piece.
  • Our mushroom dab rigs include a 14mm glass bowl by default. Should your preference lean towards a quartz banger, please do not hesitate to request this accessory change, and we will gladly accommodate your choice.
  • In the realm of aesthetics, we offer a wide array of colors for you to select from or even mix and match in your wholesale order, enabling you to tailor your purchase to your unique preferences and style. Additionally, our services extend to logo printing, allowing you to further personalize your dab rig to your brand’s specifications.

Borosilicate glass
Joint size: 14mm female
Mushroom perforated perc
Pairing a 14mm male glass bowl

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