Hourglass Double Chamber Glass Water Bong w/ Pyramid Perc

Wholesale MOQ: 30pc double-chambered bongs
Place of Origin: China
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  • The hourglass double chamber water bong stands at a height of 26 cm and weighs 460 grams. It is handcrafted from Boro glass material with a 5mm wall thickness, making it a sturdy and durable glass piece.
  • This double-filtered bong has an hourglass-shaped chamber with two-decker percolators, one at the top in the form of a bell-shaped, and the other at the bottom in the form of a cone-shape/ pyramid perc. This design helps filter the smoke and provides a smoother smoking experience.
  • Our double barrel bong comes in two milk-colored collision designs that are bright and eye-catching. You also have the option to customize the hourglass bong color and product size to your preference.


Borosilicate glass
Mixed milky colors
Hourglass straight tube
Double chamber dab rig
Top: Bell perc
Bottom: Cone-shape/ pyramid perc
Length 26cm/ 10.24inch
Weight 460g
Joint size: 14.5mm female
Comes with a 14mm male glass bowl

hourglass double filter water bong milky pink purple hourglass shape double chamber dab rig

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