Honeycomb Glass Screen Filter Disc

This honeycomb glass screens is made out of 2mm sturdy glass, built for smoking pipes and bowls as a filter disc, provides great air flow yet inexpensive and washable.

We produce and wholesale glass pipe screens in bulk, support various pipe screens OEM &ODM, send us an inquiry if you’re interested in ordering at a factory price.
Wholesale MOQ: 200 pcs

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This honeycomb glass screen is made for a variety of smoking pipes and bowls as a filter disc, it stays in place pretty well, provides great airflow, is easy to clean and reusable, has no bad taste, doesn’t burn out like the metal ones, work much better, more durable and take up way less space than the brass and stainless steel ones. All the pros make for an excellent smoking experience, smokers love this new kind of glass screen filter.

2mm thick glass
Honeycomb filter disc
Material: Borosilicate glass
Thickness: 2mm


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