Glass Knuckle Bubbler Wholesale

We offer glass knuckle bubblers wholesale and customize them in multiple colors – clear, blue, teal, amber, pink, and purple.
Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in ordering at a factory price, please include your country and product quantities in your inquiry to get the best offer.

Wholesale MOQ: 50pc glass knuckle bubblers
Place of Origin: China
Global Shipping: ePacket, 4PX, DHL, UPS, FedEx
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Wire Transfer
Production Lead Time: 5-15 days, depending on your order quantities

One of the most popular smoking pieces of 2022🔥

The glass knuckle bubbler is made out of quality borosilicate glass with precise mold, all glass bubblers are of the same size with fine workmanship, ergonomic, good hand feeling for holding, and high-temperature resistance. It features a knuckle-fit cool shape, fits most adults’ hands, is easy to grip, and is portable to go anywhere.

Measures approx. 100g, 5.3 inches (135mm) high, 3.8 inches (95mm) wide, 3mm wall thickness, designed for smoking blunts and cones.

Borosilicate glass
Height: 5.3”/135mm
Width: 3.8”/95mm
Thickness: 3mm
Weight: approx. 100g
Assorted colors

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