Full Weld Auto Hybrid Splash Guard Banger

We custom and wholesale auto hybrid quartz bangers, this auto-spinning quartz banger features a thick concave bottom for excellent heat retention, 2 directional slits bring insane airflow, and a splash guard connecting tube saves your product. Send us an inquiry if you’re interested in getting the best-selling and trending quartz bangers at a fair factory price.

Offer custom logo/style service
Wholesale MOQ: 10pc auto hybrid bangers
Place of Origin: China
Global Shipping: ePacket, 4PX, DHL, UPS, FedEx
Payment Terms: Credit Card, Wire Transfer, DHgate Store Checkout
Production Lead Time: 5-15 days, depending on your order quantities

Product Features

  • Insane function and ultimate heat retention come right to your smoke sesh with this dual buckets auto-spinning quartz banger. It’s built with a thick bottom for superior heat retention, there are 2 slits on the bucket wall, which brings excellent airflow with every inhale.
  • It features a splash guard to maximize efficiency and save your product, prevents the oil from entering the neck, and performs better than a single short bucket banger.
  • Every auto-spinning bucket banger is functional-checked by our quality control department to ensure they come to our clients in perfect condition.

Auto Hybrid with Splash Guard

Full weld
Beveled edge
2 equal buckets
Clear concave bottom
2 angled slits on the bucket wall
Bucket: 20mm OD, 2.5mm thickness
Clear concave bottom dimension: 20mm OD, 8-10mm thickness
All-in-one frosted joint

How to Order Auto Hybrid Bangers from YAREONE® Wholesale?
1. Contact us via WhatsApp or email to discuss your desired sizes and quantities.
2. Engage in a detailed conversation to finalize all the order details.
3. Receive a comprehensive quotation in a Proforma Invoice (PI) format.
4. If you require customized products, our factory will make samples for your approval.
5. Once satisfied, proceed to place your order.
6. Sit back and relax as we diligently work on the production of your quartz bangers.
7. Receive tracking numbers to keep track of your shipment and await delivery.
8. Watch your business flourish with our high-quality terp slurpers in your inventory.
9. Enjoy our dedicated after-sales service, ensuring your complete satisfaction.


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